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Sweet and Hot Peppers of various types

Poblano Peppers

A mild heart-shaped chili perfect for roasting in your favorite recipes or for stuffing in chiles rellenos. These...

Jalapeno Peppers

Your classic Jalapeno pepper, and quite hot, as to be expected from a Jalapeno! About 20-25 peppers/lb.

Bell Peppers

Green thick-walled peppers with a crisp, sweet taste.

Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers

A long, banana-shaped waxy pepper used for frying, stuffing and pickling. These peppers are anywhere from 3-8"...

Cayenne Peppers

Tremendous flavor on first bite, with warm heat that lingers. Thick enough for a bit of crunch when eaten fresh, but...

Sweet Picnic Peppers

These colorful red, orange, and yellow peppers are about 2-4" in length and have a rich, very sweet taste....

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